As a home inspector I get asked almost daily for referrals. This may be for a roofing contractor, a Plumber, Hvac tech, electrician, brick mason or possibly just an all around Handyman. Most homes I inspect are in need of a variety of different minor repairs. One home may have a leak under the kitchen sink, need a new ceiling fan installed, a couple pieces of siding replaced and some painting touched up.  A good handyman can save most of my clients A LOT of money. Be careful though, the key word in that sentence is “good”. A bad handyman can also equally cost you A LOT of money.  As for hiring a handyman, I’m pretty picky about referring them as I have very high expectations. Most trades require licensing and continuing education, handymen however do not and this is why I’m skeptical of referring them. I owned a handyman business for almost six years, so I’m definitely not bashing these guys, they can be a major asset as well as a huge money saver, but it takes the right one. I would not advise advertising on craigslist that you’re in need of such an individual. They are out there though, and If you find a good one, meaning he is professional, you trust what he’s telling you, he has morals and integrity, he’s prompt, takes pride in his work, has good ethics, etc, I would recommend that guy.

There are some repairs however that I will always recommend hiring a professional contractor to complete. Things such as a new water heater, a new sewer line, installing a new furnace or condenser, rerouting gas lines, issues of this caliber and nature. These are major components of your home and in my professional opinion, they deserve an individual who has been trained and educated on not only how they function and how to install them, but also the dangers of what can happen if installed incorrectly.

This week I’d like to tell you about a company by the name of Herman’s Plumbing, Heat & Air. Since 1948 Herman’s has been servicing the OKC metro and outskirts. I won’t go into too much history, but you should know that they’re a family owned business built on old time ethics, back when a hand shake meant something. Started by Herman (Bud) Weese, then passed down to his son Doug, and now on the third generation, Kirk Weese is managing the business. They’re a full service Plumbing and HVAC company, whether your current system is in need of repair or you need a complete new system, Herman’s Plumbing is who I will always recommend.  The large majority of their business is either repeat customers or referrals from repeat customers. This should give you an idea of how loyal their customers are. Running anywhere from eight to ten trucks daily, they can usually provide same day service.  Give them a call, ask for Jason or John and tell them I sent you, I have no doubts you will be in good hands. You can reach them at 405-732-0954 or

Next week I’ll discuss another trade and another contractor. Owning a home is an accomplishment that we can all be proud of. Taking care of and maintaining your home is also something you can be proud of. Having the right information, the right contractors, and the right timing are key elements in taking care of any home. It is my goal, in this post and others, to provide you with accurate information that is beneficial to your home or your home buying experience.

Terrell NedrowTerrell Nedrow is a licensed home inspector in central Oklahoma. Terrell has worked in many different areas of construction for over 18 years. He worked in the Plumbing and HVAC field for over 10 years, for an electrician for 3 years, and owned his own general construction business for almost 6 years, all of which took place prior to obtaining his home inspectors license. Terrell is highly committed to providing honest, accurate and informative home inspections for his clients. His morals and integrity are two characteristics that he is most proud of. He enjoys learning the story that comes with each and every home. If you’re in Oklahoma and in need of a home inspection, though there are many inspectors to choose from, you will have a hard time finding one with the wide variety of experience that Terrell has obtained over the years.